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The journey that we go on together is not a brief or temporary one. I have my clients for years+ working through the many step by step stages of self discovery and acceptance, while establishing successful and sustainable body re-compositions. Delving deep into relationships with food, body image and behavioural change.


Having struggled with clinical bulimia for 10 years, overcoming extreme adversity; I understand what my client is preparing to do, on a much deeper level than most. It is due to this very reason, that I can bring so much success to my client and their lives.

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The wonderful thing about the dream team is that they are just like you! We all ‘get it’, we’ve all been in a similar place, had similar experiences; struggled for years. How many times had you tried with all of your effort to achieve the goal and wound up nowhere, feeling devastated? We understand. We are here to support each other through the journey!


You no longer have to do this alone, with me; the guess work is taken out - you will know exactly what you are doing and why. The support and understanding in an environment like this is crucial.

We invite you to join the Dream Team, where you will receive access to our private group chat; full of endless support, motivation, hype queens, meal ideas and so much more! You will also receive information on upcoming events, our Christmas party is not one to be missed!

Most importantly, you will be a part of the family. We share laughs, tears, we vent to each other when things are hard, we clap for each other when we succeed!

The Dream Team

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