The Dream Team

Welcome to the Dream Team. A personal training experience like no other. The Dream Team is a community-based training environment that I have created with the intention of guiding, supporting and educating all members on their unique journey.


I practise scientific principles of weight loss, weight management and body re-composition. I DO NOT lie to you. You will not find any ‘buzz words’, we don’t do ‘challenges’ or quick fixes. We are process driven- and love the journey! I am here to provide you the toolbox and teach you how to use the tools. You don't need to tackle this alone.



Supportive environments are key to success. As a member of the Dream Team, you will receive support from not only myself, but the rest of the team as well. Gaining the opportunity to attend events, group chats, share journeys and make life-long friends. You may have spent years attempting to do this alone… That is all about to change.


Knowledge is power. Understanding basic physiology and biomechanics is an essential tool to the sustainability of your achievements. With me, you will learn how your body actually works! How we lose body fat, gain body fat, and build muscle etc. Food knowledge, and exercise knowledge etc. I encourage you to become curious. Ask questions! Want to know why you are doing what you are doing... From here, you are only left with the road to success. Trust the process!